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Genuine Leather Shoes
Quality Genuine Leather Uppers & Shoes from Ambur
Genuine Leather Sandals
Different Styles And Brands
Shaadmaani Leather Shoes
Shaadmaani Genuine Leather Shoes
Shaadmaani Genuine Leather Shoes from Ambur

We are a team of talented professionals in Genuine Leather, Genuine Leather Shoes for Exports and Local Sales, Genuine Leather Uppers for Exports and indigenous process of full finished leather shoes, Genuine Leather Goods, Leather Wallets and Leather Belts, Genuine Leather Sandals and other footwear products.

You name the leather item, we have them manufactured / produced and / or procured for you.

We do undertake Consultancy Services for setting up a Leather Shoes business / Show Room in any given city of the world.

Approach us if you need to design a brand shoe or leather goods of your own. We do also undetake a turn-key project of leather shoes supply for you. No need of your understanding in the leather business. We have the complete know-how right from the selection of Quality Genuine Leather from Ambur, Designing your own brand shoes, manufacturing, packing and shipping / exporting to your desired destination or location.

Genuine Leather UppersGenuine Leather Uppers Genuine Leather Uppers from AmburGenuine Leather Upper from Ambur
Different Models & Designs
Shaadmaani Leather Sandals
Shaadmaani Leather Sandals
Shaadmaani Leather Footwear
Shaadmaani Genuine Leather Sandals
Shaadmaani Shoes   Shaadmaani Sandals



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